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Is it Difficult to Bring Foreign Workers?

Hello Reader, in one word it is Difficult ! It is very complicated if you don't know where to start. I will discuss the difficulties and how to make foreign working Hiring easier in this article.

Factory Workers
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EU countries are enormous shortage of skilled workers since the beginning of this century. And the rate of startups are also increasing. Technology and competitive market makes it more challenging and easier as well. It is easier to higher the growth of company only when one knows, how to bring the best outcome of the company within a limited resource.

Imagine you have a product x, everyday with technology and manpower you can produce 1000x. You are using local manpower and their salaries are high as per your government law. If you want to maximize your productivity, you can deploy foreign workers besides your current employees. Then you can see the difference as your productivity will be increased Because, workers from South Asia comes on cheap and many of the government has announced foreign worker quota. There are 2 segments in hiring overseas workers one is at the company end and another is candidates end.

Procedure at The Company End

The address must first be obtained from the National Employment Agency, the company's criminal record, the Employer's Fiscal Attestation Certificate, the Trade Register Finding Certificate etc. involves varies for location to location. It is best to use labor consultancy agency to understand what is the exact procedure at your end. When you full fill the formalities of the National Employment Agency you are set to select you desired candidates. Then you will need someone at the candidate's end. When you have that agency you can apply for their work permit with the help of a lawyer or by yourself .

Procedure at Candidate's End

Selecting the exact candidates is one of the challenges you are going to face when you decide to hire someone from overseas. For that you can contact good manpower agencies who can do the testing and background check about the potential candidates. They can also assist with their visa application and relocation as well. Because when you select a candidate the challenge is bringing them at the workplace.

There are several steps at the candidates end which are following: - Obtaining a valid travel document

- Obtaining valid Police Clearance Certificate

- Having attestation in the Police Clearance Certificate if required

- Getting Work Permit/Invitation

- Preparing for visa

- Visa Application with proper documentation

- Travel to India for facing the embassy if required(India Visa application is required here)

- Obtaining Visa

- Registration at National Manpower Bureau

- Obtaining Manpower Smart Card

- Preparing For flight

These are the overviews of recruiting foreign workers in your workplace. International Strategic Hiring Choices can help you put together the both ends. If you wish to bring foreign workers at your workplace we are just a tap away!


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