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To make the final selection we offer the following options for consideration by the client.
   1. The entire selection procedure is left to us, where a team of professional / experts will take on the full responsibility of providing you the best worker force as per you job specification.
  2. In case the principal / employer wishes to carry out the selection through their team of experts, we welcome the clients team to visit .our office in Dhaka(Bangladesh). We shall provide al assistance in carrying out trade test / interview.


All associates amenities are provided by us. Medical Check-up We retain the services of the best hospitals and clinics in Bangladesh which are accredited by Expatriates welfare & Overseas Employment and from the Embassies to conduct medical examination of all the personnel intending to work abroad. Examination includes HIV/AIDS Test, Blood test, Chest X-ray, Urine & Stool Test or any other kinds of examination that might be specially requested by the client.

Follow Up With each new assignment, our workers have to work unfamiliar people, new procedures, and changing routines. It is our responsibility to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. This makes far more confident and better-prepared workers. We follow up with selected candidates for pre-departure formalities,

so that they can proceed to work promptly. Their medical check up, processing of travel documents, immigration formalities and air tickets are taken care by us. Feedback from client We keep in contact with the client even later getting a feedback from the client and endeavoring to improve our system to give even service to the client

Highly Experienced

We are highly experienced in a large range of industry disciplines including
1. Construction Industry
2. Information Technology (IT)
3. Manufacturing Industry
4. The agriculture
5. Oil and Gas Industry
6. Childcare and Home Support Workers

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