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Skilled Employment and HR placement Services

We are expertise in skilled manpower recruitment, job placement consultancy, domestic placement services, employment assistance and overseas placement consultancy services.

Staffing Agency & Hiring Agency Solutions

We are an overseas Human Resource Consultation Company, providing end-to-end manpower outsourcing services and international manpower placement services. Familiarity with the recruitment process can also give you clues about what to do at each stage to give yourself a better chance of landing the job. Here are the basic steps you can expect, plus some other considerations as you approach a job search. The company has expertise in manpower recruitment, job placement consultancy, domestic placement services, employment assistance, and overseas placement consultancy.
Submit your job opening online in just minutes, or simply call us. Either way, our recruiting specialists will evaluate the skills, experience and corporate culture fit you require. We are 100% committed to finding employees who are the best fit for your company. Need someone today, or even weeks from now? No problem, we have you covered. Our Consultants with years of experience, insights, and attention to details enable us to identify talent across a broad range of professional levels, industries and companies throughout Bangladesh.


  • IT Staffing

  • Manpower Outsourcing / Technical Staffing / Manpower Deputation

  • Project Management

  • Construction Supervision

  • Procurement Assistance / Expediting

  • Inspection Services

  • Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Services

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Shutdown

We have provided workforce solutions to companies in a variety of industries for many years. We source candidates to meet our clients need for professional and technical employees in the fields of banking, finance, FMCG, engineering & IT and these quality services keep us different from other company in Dhaka.

Sophisticated Matching Technology

Our headhunting methodology is fully adaptable to meet your firms unique business requirements. Our tried and tested protocol utilizes an extensive database of executive candidates, industry and market knowledge, and fast accurate responses. We pride ourselves on making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our corporate & SME clients and ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectation of the other. We do so by taking the time to understand the specific needs of each of our clients, and utilizing a number of creative sourcing methodologies in addition to traditional approaches to select and match the most suitable job candidates for our potential clients. As leaders in Executive recruitment, our consultant's expertise and insights are often featured in the news. We like to provide information to help develop your skills and propel your business further.

Temporary / Contact Staffing

We offer temporary / contract staffing services to clients looking to hire resources for a temporary period of time. (days/weeks/months). We hire and depute the right people your organization needs and when it needs them. With extensive experience of the Bangladeshi markets, across diverse domains and technologies, MPBD has mastered the process of understanding the specific requirements of each customer and identifying the mandatory and desirable skills required in the resources to be deployed.

HR Outsourcing

Our outsourcing services are developed with one goal in mind enabling your organization to focus on its core business activities and let the delivery of our services team take care of HR Operations & Support activities. Transparency, quality, honesty professionalism, and accountability are the core values of our company, and our people always walk on the same. Finding great talents from India is not at all a tedious task for us, even being a pro recruitment consultant we find it very simple. One thing we never forget and that is to train our people from time to time. This is the best thing we do and that is just to bring quality candidates to our partners. We just love building portfolios of professionalism that bring forth rewarding career paths for well-deserving candidates.

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