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Hiring Bangladeshi Workers: Reasons of Hiring Bangladeshi Workers

Bangladesh has been addressed as a Economic Tiger of South Asia. And it's skilled workforce is the reason behind.

Bangladeshi Garments Workers

Bangladesh's economy is booming since past few years if you look closely. The thrusting power for economical growth has been generating from a long before when it's economy was rising with agriculture, garments and foreign remittance mostly. Agricultural trade is the oldest form of it's economical growth but the garments and foreign remittance are the modern tools of growing economy.

Dear Reader, it will amaze you if you just vist a cloting store nearby or even the tag of your branded shirt might have written 'Made in Bangladesh' on it! Yes, Bangladesh has become one of the leading supplier of garments worldwide. And the success story of garments business in Bangladesh are quite similar to other successful businesses! Lower production cost with on time shipment than the other competitors. Do you know why the production cost is lower in Bangladesh? Because the labour comes cheap here! The manpower is vast in this sector. I have seen 24,000 females are working 24 hours in three shifts. People are hardworking here they are willing to work to make a better living just like others. But the dedication of those workers that makes the difference. They are keen to do any hard work and make a better living.

That is the point, where most of the European has lost their interests in jobs like construction workers, cleaners, waiters etc there you can hire Bangladeshi workers in a lower salary. It will reduce your cost for running the company and make more profit. That is why most of the EU government has announced foreign workers quota for covering the labour shortage problem. If you closely look at Qatar, they had employed almost 25,00,0000 workers from South Asia for preparing FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums and the majority of the workers were from Bangladesh. At the first phase of my article I mentioned the economical growth of Bangladesh and this where they are making progress by utilising manpower export and their remittance. Bangladeshi people are now very much inclined to work abroad to make a better living their interest can be a game changing for the growing companies if they properly utilize their interest to the work, the visible growth of their business can be seen from everywhere.


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